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Book Launch and Celebration

was a fabulous success and inspired some people to write things such as this:

Lucky to have been invited                           

Interesting and fun                                            

New and different people                 

Knowledge shared with everyone 

Subjects of real interest

Listenend to everything intently

Appreciated the talent 

Understood the effort put into this.

Noted the confidence gained

Captured the essence  

Harnesses the moment 

by Alyson Malach, Chief of Board of Directors at Cartwheel Arts

If you also feel inspired by some of Cartwheel Arts work and want to share it with us please send an email to and we will publish it on our website.

in the meantime you can also share your thoughts, creative writing and/or pictures of your artistic work via twitter @cartwheelarts or facebook









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Cartwheel Arts promotes social inclusion, cohesion, diversity and regeneration through community participation in vibrant, innovative, high-quality arts projects.

We use a wide range of media to initiate, and respond to, project opportunities in Rochdale and surrounding areas, as well as promoting the development of the arts and examples of good practice across the North West.














"Working at Cartwheel was a brilliant opportunity to be a part of such diverse and worthwhile work with the community"

        Ashleigh Chaffey, Cartwheel Intern 2014

Have a read at the stories, exploits, experiences and heroic adventures as a Cartwheel Arts intern last year at Ashleigh Chaffey's blog

Wellbeing: animated

Art for Wellbeing ventures into the world of stop-motion animation to develop a series of short films, themed around wellbing. Artist Lisa Risbec and emotional support worker Jodie Silverman will be leading participants. 

et in touch if you think you would benefit form regualr, supported creaive activity. _____________________________________________________________

Cartwheel Arts featured by Arts Professional article Demonstrating Impact.

Read more here.

The Cultural Commissioning Programme, funded by Arts Council England and delivered by NCVO, has published a case study on Cartwheel's work in

Art for Wellbeing funded by the Heywood Middleton and Rochdale Clinical Commissioning Group. You can read the case study here.

Cartwheel Arts' All Well and Good project has been Highly Commended as part as the Art, Mental Health & Wellbeing Award by the

National Positive Practice Awards.




The latest Cartwheel publication, Blackwheel, is now available online or on paper. Please go to our resources to read it, download it or buy it.

New issue of Scribble out now!

The new edition of Scribble, the Invention issue, is out now and available inyour local library if you live in Rochadle, Bury, Oldhgam, Bolton, Wigan or Blackburn. The online edition can viewed at or downloaded on our website here

More information and lovely pictures on our blog

We have lots of beautiful publications available for you to download, including all the back issues of Scribble magazine. Some books and magazines are out of stock, but others are available by post -  let us know if you want a print copy.


Art & Soul begin a busy exhibition period.  The group sculpture, Columns of Reflection, is now on permanent display at Springhill Hospice. Their exhibition Festivals is at Heywood Sports Village.

Art & Soul are an art group for adults living or working in Rochdale Borough who have experienced mental health issues. For more information about the group please contact

Kerry on 01706 361300 or


We are looking into the future with excitement and a collection of new projects so keep up to date through Facebook, twitter or sign for our newsletter here or sending an email with subject 'sign me up for newsletter'.



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