Alex Blakey

Alex is a visual artist working for Cartweel Arts' Art for Wellbeing practitioner team. 
Her work combines the beautiful natural qualities of fused and cast glass with stone, concrete, wood, photography, paint and steel to create bespoke works of art to suit their environment. Alex takes her inspiration from memory, people and place. She often choose to focus on the human connection to both place and each other considering issues such as memory, connectivity, history and the human mind.
Alex enjoys working on a wide variety of creative project from creating her own work for galleries and exhibitions to working on numerous public art and community projects. She has always had a passion for art and following her degree in Three Dimensional Design at MMU she has been determined to share that passion with those around her. 
Alex is passionate about using art to make a difference to people’s lives whether it be encouraging people to take up new skills, offering a chance for self-expression, making a statement, or just bringing people together. 
19 March 2024
New green shoots in Deeplish!
New green shoots in Deeplish!

Deeplish families and individuals worked with artist Alex Blakey to create beautifully decorated planters.  The planters have been decorated with the words of local people and images of the community and places in Deeplish, including the local mosque.

Art for Wellbeing 24 January 2019
Tickets on sale now!
Tickets on sale now!

IMPACT: Reaching Out is an Art for Wellbeing conference focusing on using creativity to achieve meaningful engagement and positive mental wellbeing outcomes. 

Aimed at health professionals, arts organisations, third sector partners and the education sector, delegates will take part in inspirational workshops and presentations for a unique and immersive experience.

Little Artists: big box of creativity
Little Artists: big box of creativity
With funding from the Ragdoll Foundation and Rochdale Borough Council. Cartwheel Arts will be working with 30 families across Rochdale to co-design an activity resource and art pack for children aged 2-4 years. Reclaim the Space
Reclaim the Space
A creative consultation with local communities around safety in public spaces who will then co-create an artistic intervention to 'reclaim the space'. Wellbeing Dominoes
Wellbeing Dominoes
Wellbeing Dominoes is a resource, designed to support and enhance Wellbeing through creative activity and group work. “very accessible and thought provoking” Stepping Stones
Stepping Stones
Is this the new normal? Our first steps back to face to face working are taking place in our new marquee. It’s pitched in the grounds of one of Blue Pits housing association houses and has offered closed sessions for residents. But it’s a start! Postal Projects
Postal Projects
Creative activities and materials sent direct to your door with complimentary wellbeing phone calls to re-create our Art for Wellbeing projects at home... "a fun and challenging art project that's different every week". Art & Soul and Nature
Art & Soul and Nature
Eight-weeks of exploring natural materials, the lack of nature and a trip in the sunshine to inspire new work. With a focus on wellbeing and art development.

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