Salma Khalid

Salma Khalid is a Psychological Therapist and Clinical Supervisor working in private practice and with several organisations. Salma has a background of working in the NHS and is currently also working for Early Break as a supervisor of reflective practice and at KD Grammar School where she provides a psychotherapy service to children and young people.  Salma has a special interest in working across difference and culture particularly in relation to spirituality.

Salma is very passionate about working creatively in engaging with the human psyche this includes art, poetry and storytelling. As a newly recruited emotional wellbeing practitioner Salma is keen to share her skills and work within the field of arts and wellbeing and contribute to journeys of recovery and healing.

Salma has an interest in writing poetry inspired by people nature and spirituality.


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Art for Wellbeing 24 January 2019
Tickets on sale now!
Tickets on sale now!

IMPACT: Reaching Out is an Art for Wellbeing conference focusing on using creativity to achieve meaningful engagement and positive mental wellbeing outcomes. 

Aimed at health professionals, arts organisations, third sector partners and the education sector, delegates will take part in inspirational workshops and presentations for a unique and immersive experience.

Wellbeing Dominoes
Wellbeing Dominoes
Wellbeing Dominoes is a resource, designed to support and enhance Wellbeing through creative activity and group work. “very accessible and thought provoking” Postal Projects
Postal Projects
Creative activities and materials sent direct through the post with complimentary wellbeing phone calls to re-create our Art for Wellbeing project at home... "a fun and challenging art project that's different every week".

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