This image is from Darnhill festival its of the Darnhill parade everyone is happy and smiling holding decorated pieces of art

Stereotypically heroes and heroines are musclebound and sexualised, heterosexual, predominantly of white ethnicities, and without flaws of any kind.

Blackwheel worked with a group of young people from KYP to create characters and an environment, and write a story that challenges readers and provides an exciting alternative range of characters familiar to the young people who took part in the project but not often seen in comics and graphic novels.

Blackwheel has also been presented as a brilliant multi-media performance, which was premiered at Rochdale Literature and Ideas Festival in 2014. The show involves larger than life projections accompanied by voice actors, bringing the pages to life in a way that is unique, exciting and a perfect way to share our work with an audience.

Artists involved in the project were Sumit Sarkar, Yussuf Mrabty, Ali Gadema, Saquib Chowdhury and Chelsea Morgan.

News 02 March 2017
Scribble Festival 2016
Scribble Festival 2016

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