Creative Team Building



Creative Team Building that uses art and group work to develop team communication and support in understanding team roles.

This session is a fun and creative full day training package that allows your teams to interact in new ways and reflect on those interactions. We use a combination of activities that prompt conversation with the team about how they work, how they might like to work and how this fits within their team. It is also a great opportunity for understanding team roles where new members of staff join or if you're trying to connect teams that don't normally work together.

Collaboration Sculpture promotes the exploration of negotiation skills, professional boundaries and communication.

Mark Making with Inks supports in exploring risk taking, experimentation and creative play.

Wellbeing Island explores working environments and understanding others personal/professional boundaries.


If your team could benefit from some creativity in the work place contact for a personalised quote.






















News 17 May 2018
Mental Health Awareness Week
Mental Health Awareness Week

Join us on Friday 18th May in our creative studio for a day of stress-free workshops...

News 24 April 2018
Darnhill Summer Festival 2018!
Darnhill Summer Festival 2018!


We are delighted to announce that the annual Darnhill summer festival will take place on Saturday 7th July 2018 from 12pm on and around Argyle Parade and Darnhill Library.

News 24 November 2016
100 Moments to wrap up...
100 Moments to wrap up...

100 Moments, Aug 2016- Feb 2017
100 Moments began in August 2016 and  is the launch project for Live Well Make Art, a social movement across Greater Manchester promoting and fostering the benefits of creativity and the arts for health and wellbeing.

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