My Right to Write

This image reads My Right To Write it is a visual arts and writing project.
My Right to Write is an extra-curricular programme designed to use art to encourage and inspire writing with children in Year 3.

We brought together artists Lubna Ali and Dani Lovett and writer Nicola Schofield and took them into a local school to develop the children's written and artistic skills beyond the constraints of the curriculum.

The programme consists of a run of six sessions, the first three of which have a focus on narrative, with the children producing a setting description and a piece of associated art. The subsequent sessions have a focus on non-fiction, with the children producing a persuasive letter and a further piece of art.

Lubna, Dani and Nicola are also using this project to help us develop the My Right to Write programme so it can be deployed in more schools and reach more children. It's funded by the Rochdale School Improvement Team and draws on evidence-based research from the education sector, the expertise of literacy consultants and artists familiar to working with children to increase school readiness and engagement.

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