Scribble Issue 6

The Global Issue

Global warming, globalization, the global village...heard these words on the news by any chance? These days we’re bombarded with a variety of messages about the state of our world: how it’s getting smaller, hotter, more precarious, and the interaction between different nationalities and cultures here in the UK constantly makes the headlines.

This summer we give you the Scribble take and whisk you around the world and in and out of the issues that interest our scribes. From our profile on Indian-born writer Ruchita Green to a little African safari humour in our In the Frame photographic feature, then onto a prize-winning story by Arizonan writer Michael A. Kechula followed by a moving reflection on belonging in How We Are Haunted by Anita Sethi (published with very kind permission by Penguin Books), you’re sure to be transported. We’ve also packed in our usual news, competitions, pick of the arts and cultural highlights and the very best of your writing submissions. You’ll see that we’ve got lots of flash fiction in our pages for the first time. We love it and think you will too.

Go on, globetrot with us.


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