Scribble Issue 8

The Journeys Issue



‘Journeys’ is such an appropriate theme for this edition of Scribble because the project has simply travelled the most amazing route – through this magazine and all the community literature projects and events that we’ve run – meeting and inviting on board lots of brilliant characters from across Rochdale Borough’s communities and beyond. We thank you very much for your good company on this very special trip! We are currently seeking funding to develop Tell Us Another One – and Scribble – in the very near future. So let’s not see this as a goodbye, merely one of those essential service station breaks!

This issue is as packed as ever with great offerings from professional writers (Zahid Hussain and Qaisra Shahraz) and the very best work by new and up-and-coming talent. Thanks again to Penguin Books for another tantalising extract, this time from hot new scribe, Marion McGilvary.

We hope that you enjoy...and see you for the next leg of the journey! Kim Haygarth

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