Wall Art reaches Bury


"Everyone who sees it comments on how good it is" says the Clinical Lead.


We are  thrilled with the ever expanding portfolio of Wall Art being developed around Greater Manchester. These projects support groups around to be bold in using their creative ideas and brighten up community spaces by applying that inspiration straight onto the walls.

Most recently, young people who access the Community Eating Disorder North Service have been working with Jodie, to design and paint the centre's shared spaces based on their interests and values. 

The group have explored ideas on positive body image, created a 'true to life' painting of a woman who inspires them and motivational quotes including:

"Listen to the voice inside saying LIVE". 

This project follows on from the work done at #Thrive where we continue to work with young people and their families to get creative. The feedback from the Wall Art has been very positive and encouraging, supporting young people to find focus when attending sessions, feel inspired when working as a group and find relaxation in the familiarity of the space. Jodie is already at work at CEDS South supporting a group to realise their own potential for mural painting.

If this sound like a project you'd be interested in exploring please get in touch with Becky, our Art for Wellbeing Project Coordinator.





















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