What is a Box?

Artful have been working with other creatives and an expert in wood working from Blue Pits in the fully equipped work working studio at Dandelion Create.

The collaborative group have been exploring the concept of a box, what could it hold, how could it take shape and why does it exist? Through experimenting with painting and transfer techniques with Beth Morgan, an Art for Wellbeing artist, the group have looked at ways to express what their box means to them.

This is where Pete comes in. Pete, from Blue Pits Housing Action, is our expert-in-residence for the wood working studio and has been working hard to teach the group how to design and construct an actual working box with hinges and all. 

The results are fantastic. The whole group has shown perseverance and ingenuity in developing their own designs from scratch and now have fully working boxes to take home and make use of.
























News Art for Wellbeing 02 March 2017
Do. Be.
Do. Be.

Cartwheel Arts and Link4Life are excited to announce the online presence of Do.Be.

Mapping and Best Practice project of cultural and sporting activities, which promote emotional wellbeing and resilience for children and young people in the borough.

News 02 March 2017
FILMS for Wellbeing
FILMS for Wellbeing

CHeck our latest film productions 'work in progress"...

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