Victoria Liu

Victoria Liu founded her Executive Coaching and Leadership Training business after spending over 20 years consulting for over 20 companies across multiple industries, primarily the Financial Services sector (Investment Banking, Asset Management and Insurance), Professional Service as well as FMCG, Healthcare, Data Providers, and Government Justice Services and Ministry of Defence.  
She wants to share some of her experiences as a former Chief of Staff and Deputy COO, leading global teams of over 700 staff, to create more positive impact on society and support non-profit organisations in a meaningful way.

Cartwheel Arts, based in Heywood, Rochdale, is a dynamic participatory arts charity dedicated to empowering communities through creative expression. Our mission is to address societal challenges using the transformative power of the arts. This Comms and Marketing Plan outlines strategies to amplify our impact, strengthen community engagement, and establish Cartwheel Arts as a catalyst for positive change.

1. Brand Positioning:

  • Mission Statement: Craft a compelling mission statement that encapsulates Cartwheel Arts' commitment to community empowerment through participatory arts.

  • Tagline: Develop a succinct tagline that resonates with our audience and encapsulates the essence of our work.

2. Audience Segmentation:

Identify and categorize target audiences, considering demographics, interests, and engagement levels. Tailor communications to resonate with each segment, acknowledging the diverse communities we serve.

3. Key Messages:

Define clear and consistent key messages that communicate Cartwheel Arts' values, impact, and the role of the arts in overcoming societal challenges. Ensure these messages align with the overarching narrative of empowerment through creativity.

4. Platforms and Channels:

  • Website: Enhance the website as a central hub for information, featuring project updates, success stories, and event details.

  • Social Media: Leverage platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to share engaging content, amplify community voices, and foster online discussions.

  • Newsletters: Develop a regular newsletter to update stakeholders on Cartwheel Arts' activities, achievements, and upcoming events.

5. Content Strategy:

  • Visual Content: Prioritize visual storytelling through photos, videos, and participant artworks to showcase the impact of our projects.

  • Participant Spotlights: Feature participant stories, highlighting personal growth, community connections, and the role of the arts in their lives.

  • Event Promotion: Effectively promote events, exhibitions, and workshops, emphasizing their community-centric nature and positive outcomes.

6. Community Engagement:

  • Interactive Campaigns: Design interactive campaigns to encourage community involvement, such as art challenges, polls, and online discussions.

  • Feedback Mechanisms: Establish feedback loops to understand community needs, preferences, and evaluate the impact of our projects.

7. Partnerships and Collaborations:

Identify potential partners and collaborators within the arts and community sectors. Strengthen existing partnerships and explore opportunities for joint initiatives that align with our mission.

8. Metrics and Evaluation:

Define key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the success of our communications and marketing efforts. Regularly evaluate metrics such as website traffic, social media engagement, and participant feedback.

9. Crisis Communication Plan:

Develop a robust crisis communication plan to address any unforeseen challenges promptly. Ensure transparency, empathy, and clear communication during times of uncertainty.

10. Budget Allocation:

Allocate resources judiciously across various communication channels, ensuring a balanced and impactful presence.


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