Childhood Obesity Summit

A Rochdale Council/ Public Health and Wellbeing event curated by Cartwheel Arts.

Cartwheel Arts curated the event; managing the visual aspects of the day, creative consultation and networking activities and the practical event management elements such as:

  • eventbrite registration
  • contracting and managing workshop providers
  • Liaising with speakers and contributors and collating presentations
  • managing the information desk
  • contributing and collating the Welcome Packs
  • hosting the event
  • managing the evaluation and producing an event report

Creative elements included:

  • 'Ideas marketplace tent' capturing ideas, pledges and actions from delegates and speakers
  • 'Festival Site Map' Workshop gathering delegates ideas on how to create an event that promoted healthy eating, activity and access (see video)
  • Mindfulness Workshop
  • Visual minutes documenting the day

The Childhood Obesity Summit attracted 65 delegates, and 9 Speakers and Contributors. 7 Staff members were registered to attend and host the event.  Of these delegates a diverse range of providers, services and organisations were represented, including statutory providers, educators health and wellbeing organisations and activity groups.

View photos from the day here

A playlist of videos of the feedback from the 'Festival Site Map' Workshop are here

An article about the event published on Rochdale Online here

Rochdale Council/ Public Health and Wellbeing comment:

"Childhood obesity is a significant challenge in the borough of Rochdale. By the time our children reach year six, 35.5% of them are overweight or obese, which could lead to serious health problems later in life such as type-2 diabetes, heart disease and some cancers.

Reducing and preventing childhood obesity is everybody’s responsibility so the Public Health and Wellbeing Team would like to invite you to the Childhood Obesity Summit because we need your help!

There’s already some great work happening out there as well as lots of exciting and new opportunities to explore. This is your chance to share with collegaues your contribution towards helping our children lead healthier and happier lives.

News 21 June 2017
Creative CPD Training available
Creative CPD Training available

Cartwheel Arts have 2 programmes of CPD training coming up, providing you with creative methods to implement Best Practice.

CPD sessions will be delivered at our Art for Wellbeing Studio, Dandelion Create in August/September 2017

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