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Elaine is an artist based in the Wigan area who is a qualified lecturer in Art and Design and who has a Masters Degree in Contemporary Fine Art. She has worked in all areas of community based arts and creative education since 2003 and has worked with many sectors of health and wellbeing over this time. 

Elaine started a community organisation in the Wigan and surrounding boroughs in February 2014 called ‘Art in the Community’  www.artinthecommunity.co.uk and works in many health and social care settings from dementia, recovery, carers, physical and learning difficulties. Her main focus is helping others to enjoy the freedom of creative expression, wellbeing and relaxation and this has become inspirational in her own creative development.

Her own artwork is based around natural environments and involves many forms of making from found objects, photography, site specific work, installation and traditional art materials, a sense of ambiguity, spontaneity and freedom are apparent in her work. The relevance of her own arts practice as a wellbeing process helps her to inspire and engage participants in the relevance of art as a means of distraction and inspiring activity.


Art for Wellbeing 24 January 2019
Tickets on sale now!
Tickets on sale now!

IMPACT: Reaching Out is an Art for Wellbeing conference focusing on using creativity to achieve meaningful engagement and positive mental wellbeing outcomes. 

Aimed at health professionals, arts organisations, third sector partners and the education sector, delegates will take part in inspirational workshops and presentations for a unique and immersive experience.

02 March 2017
FILMS for Wellbeing
FILMS for Wellbeing

CHeck our latest film productions 'work in progress"...

IMPACT: Led by You (2016)
IMPACT: Led by You (2016)
IMPACT: Led by You, focused on participant led approaches to support and enhance mental wellbeing through creative projects. Held at Chancellors Hotel, University of Manchester for this event we partnered with Arc (Arts for Recovery Stockport) and launched our 100 Moments, pledges campaign. IMPACT: Generate and Demonstrate (2015)
IMPACT: Generate and Demonstrate (2015)
IMPACT: Generate and Demonstrate was Cartwheel Arts first Art for Wellbeing conference and was held at Birley Buildings, Manchester Metropolitan University. We designed and delivered the conference with partner organisations Verd de Gris and Venture Arts. Artful
Art and Support group Artful is a participant led group we support in Rochdale. Art & Soul Exhibition.
Art & Soul Exhibition.
Art & Soul, exhibition at Touchstones Rochdale, June-August 2016 Call to Action
Call to Action
21st March, Peoples History Museum, Manchester Cartwheel Arts curated Call to Action, a showcase and action building event that highlighted, and built momentum of social movement research and activity happening across Greater Manchester. Childhood Obesity Summit
Childhood Obesity Summit
A Rochdale Council/ Public Health and Wellbeing event curated by Cartwheel Arts. Creative Heritage
Creative Heritage
Art & Soul have worked with clay to explore Creative Heritage... Past, Present, Future
Past, Present, Future
Art & Soul embarked on an ambitious project exploring a new theme... Rising Angels Expressions
Rising Angels Expressions
Exploring the meaning of ‘recovery’ through dance and visual art. Wellbeing Dominoes
Wellbeing Dominoes
Wellbeing Dominoes is a resource, designed to support and enhance Wellbeing through creative activity and group work. “very accessible and thought provoking” Postal Projects
Postal Projects
Creative activities and materials sent direct through the post with complimentary wellbeing phone calls to re-create our Art for Wellbeing project at home... "a fun and challenging art project that's different every week".

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