Rising Angels Expressions


This short but ambitious project utilised collaborative working between art forms, dance and visual arts, between organisations, Cartwheel and Fallen Angels, and most importantly between practitioners and participants.


Elaine, our Art for Wellbeing Artist, worked alongside Paul, from Fallen Angels, to develop an experimental workshop which allowed current Fallen Angels participants to inform the creative process based on their own experiences of recovery.


'What is recovery?' 


This was the driving question behind the project and the ideas development during the workshops. The group discussed at length how this could or should be respresented and explored techniques through dance and visual arts that aimed to support this.

While based at the Turnpike, the project aimed to deliver an engagement session and display the work created at the Leigh Intergrated Hub, a new homelessness hub in the community. The display would then act as a catalyst for others who are looking for support through their recovery and a link to the Fallen Angels wokshops.


"I've never been confident at art... I get now, the connection between art and movement... It was like an awakening... My confidence grew as an artist."
























News 31 October 2018
We're recruiting!
We're recruiting!

We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund and are recruiting for a Project Manager to deliver, Overspill.

News 02 March 2017
FILMS for Wellbeing
FILMS for Wellbeing

CHeck our latest film productions 'work in progress"...

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