The Links project took place across the borough of Rochdale during 2015, in the areas of Kirkholt, Langley, Wardleworth, Back o’th Moss in Heywood, Milnrow and Deeplish.

In each area groups of residents worked with a professional writer to produce a book, engaging many different types of people in the use of creative writing as means to explore diversity within the borough, helping us to realize our cultural similarities and celebrate our cultural differences.

On our journey we met people who have lived in Rochdale their whole lives, people who are from Rochdale that have gone to live in far away places such as Australia, Bangladesh, and South Africa, and people who have come to Rochdale from different parts of the U.K and from all over the world to make a new life and give to the community.

The Links project was produced in partnership with Rochdale Cohesion Hub.

The project led to the production of a beautiful book, which can be ordered in the online shop or downloaded free of charge.

The artists on the project were Shirley May, Tony Walsh, Reece Williams, Nicole May and Saquib Chowdhury. Design by William Kenzo Frank.

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