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Congratulations to Darnhill Festival Association on another success. They have just received confirmation that Arts Council England are offering them the complete amount applied for £14,778 in support of the Darnhill Festival of Invention for that's good news!

Project Management Intern wanted by Cartwheel!
Applications are open for the new Creative Employment Programme internship scheme in Rochdale, with 6 month placements being offered by many of the arts organisations in the borough, including Cartwheel. Interns will receive the minimum wage (£6.31/hr) for a 30 hour week, but with the training opportunities built in this is an attractive opportunity.

Applicants must be aged 18 - 24, resident in Rochdale borough, and registered unemployed for at least 6 months. Applications must be made through Job Centre Plus.

For more information about the post and how to apply go to our staff page









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Cartwheel Arts are the panel partner for three Community First panels in Heywood:

North Heywood

West Heywood

Hopwood Hall

Click above to visit the website for your ward.

Community First is a government initiative facilitated by the Community Development Foundation

that makes grants of between

£250 - £2,500 to local projects. Funding decisions are made by local people and Cartwheel are proud to be supporting this.

















We welcome Danny Fahey as our new TUAO (Tell Us Another One) Project Coordinator. Danny will be leading the three-year creative writing project operating in the three North West boroughs of Rochdale, Bury and Oldham.

Keep an eye on our website for our future monthly creative writing "Story groups" for adults and Scribble magazine.

Our new team is now complete with Gala Pujol Freixer (pronounced Fraishair) as our new Development Manager, Sue Shaw as Finance Worker - Sue will be  the contact in future for  the three Community First  panels in Heywood -, Gordon Banks as the new Darnhill Festival Co-ordinator and of course the long lasting members Kerry Bertram as the self empowering woman behind Art for Wellbeing and our unfazed director Rick Walker.


The  summer festival 2014 will be the Festival of Invention. This is inspired in part by the European Year of the Brain, and in addition to serious messages about keeping our brains active and taking care of them, you can expect lightbulb moments, brainstorms, thought clouds and cries of eureka!


Art for Wellbeing begins 2 new projects in Spring 2014.

Wellbeing Dominos is a project to develop and trial a 'wellbeing game' and run a training programme for community groups supporting peoples wellbeing through creative engagement. We will be working with Lighthouse Project and Crimble Croft Community Centre on this project.

Purani Yaadein/ Old Memories is a creative support project for people with dementia and their families and carers.  This is a collaborative project with BME Health Matters. 

Enter-Art begins its second phase. The Creative Champions are working with CRI Rochdale to create banners celebrating addiction recovery, in preparation for the Recovery Walk 2014 to be held in Manchester.  Thanks to additional funding from AGMA through Link4Life we will be extending this project and hope to hold Masterclasses in curation, mounting, framing, and site specific artwork before a collaborative exhibition in July.

More information on Enter-Art can be found on our blog,

Art & Soul begin a busy exhibition period.

The group sculpture, Columns of Reflection, is currently displayed in the foyer at Gallery Oldham.

Art & Soul are an art group for adults living or working in Rochdale Borough who have experienced mental health issues. For more information about the group please contact

Kerry on 01706 361300 or

Darnhill Festival Association's exhibition Memories and Dreams continues at Heywood Sports Village.

Look at photos on Flickr   

If you would like to get involved in the festival, please call us or


Read Robert McCrum's Guardian blog about Scribble festival

More info on the Tell Us Another One website 

We have lots of beautiful publications available for you to download, including all the back issues of Scribble magazine. Some books and magazines are out of stock, but others are available by post -  let us know if you want a print copy.


Cartwheel Arts promotes social inclusion, cohesion, diversity and regeneration through community participation in vibrant, innovative, high-quality arts projects.

We use a wide range of media to initiate, and respond to, project opportunities in Rochdale and surrounding areas, as well as promoting the development of the arts and examples of good practice across the North West.

Like what we do?

You can now donate by

text to Cartwheel Arts! Simply text CART22 followed by the amount that you would like to donate (so text CART22 £2 if you want to donate £2)

to 70070.
All of the money that you donate will come straight to Cartwheel, so that we can carry on doing all the fabulous things we do!



















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