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IMPACT: Led by You, Art for Wellbeing Conference

13th October 2016

Chancellors Hotel Manchester


What does user-led really mean? How can we create participant-focused projects?

How can we achieve lasting wellbeing outcomes?

These questions and more will be answered at our upcoming conference however this is a conference with a difference! The conference is designed to give you tools and ideas to build projects and initiatives with participants at the core, enabling high quality wellbeing outcomes.

We will look at humour, creativity and collaboration as ways of enhancing wellbeing, our speakers include Public Health Directors, Mental Health Charities and stand up comedians!


Delegates will take part in a creative evaluation experience, take a look at our pinterest board for some visual clues. Brave Day Productions will be joining us to film the event - in an unusual and thought provoking way, capturing participation.


Alongside our speakers and facilitators, the delegates will bring their own perspectives and this will be a fantastic networking opportunity. We are delighted to have some fantastic delegates joining us including NHS professionals, University representatives, Artists, Third Sector organisations, Local Authority Councillors, Social Housing specialists and Mental Health Therapists.


Visit Eventbrite to book your ticket!


Like what we do?


You can now donate by

text to Cartwheel Arts! Simply text CART22 followed by the amount that you would like to donate (so text CART22 £2 if you want to donate £2)

to 70070.
All of the money that you donate will come straight to Cartwheel, so that we can carry on doing all the fabulous things we do!


We use a wide range of media to initiate, and respond to, project opportunities in Rochdale and surrounding areas, as well as promoting the development of the arts and examples of good practice        


Scribble Magazine issue#21 is coming soon !


The new edition of Scribble, the communication issue, will be available online and at your local library if you live in Rochadle, Bury, Oldhgam, Bolton, Wigan or Blackburn. The online edition can viewed here


We have lots of beautiful publications available for you to download, including all the back issues of Scribble magazine. Some books and magazines are out of stock, but others are available by post -  let us know if you want a print copy

Cartwheel Arts promotes social inclusion, cohesion, diversity and regeneration through community participation in vibrant, innovative, high-quality arts projects.  

100 Moments

100 Moments is the starting project of Greater Manchester’s Live Well Make Art social movement, designed to promote the benefits that making art has on our wellbeing.

If you are an arts, health, or community organisation, small or big, based in Greater Manchester, you are invited to join the Live Well Make Art movement by submitting a ‘moment’ that showcases your work during our 100 Moments Week (23rd-30th October). A Moment is a piece of work that you choose to showcase, which connects art with health and wellbeing. Your Moment could be something you already run on a regular basis, or you could choose to create a special Moment to be part of this exciting project. Examples of a Moment could include a public event or workshop, a talk or interview with a participant, an online Moment, or a collection of images. You can be creative.


Your moment will be published on the 100 Moments blog, Twitter and Facebook accounts, and will be incorporated into a publication that will be sent out to all Public Health and NHS commissioners in February 2017.

For more information on the 100 Moments Project check out our website

Alternatively, email Allanah or call 01706 361 300.





Scribble Festival 6th - 7th November 2016

The 3 year Tell Us Another One Project has been all about getting different communities and cultures to come together through story telling and creative writing activities, to build understanding of one and another. This event will bring together partners, participants, artists and other professionals in the fields of literature, diversity, community cohesion to celebrate the achievements of Tell Us Another One and debate some of the key issues around community literature work.

Find out more on the blog


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