What we do

We work with communities of all shapes and sizes to devise and deliver exciting, colourful participatory arts projects, which can be all shapes and sizes too, and sometimes quite noisy.

Participation and collaboration is key to our work. It can develop confidence and skills for the individual, and build active, stronger communities with a positive self image. We don’t say that everyone can be a brilliant artist, but we do believe that many people have untapped potential because they have not had the opportunity or the confidence to take part in creative activity.

It is still the case that working class people, ethnically diverse communities and people with disabilities are under-represented in our art colleges, galleries and concert halls. So we do encourage people with talent to make the most of their opportunities and believe in themselves.

We use a wide variety of artforms thanks to our large pool of freelance artists, and work in many different settings with a range of partners, sometimes in unusual combinations. So poetry workshops with primary school children can lead to carnival arts workshops with older people with a soundtrack composed by a group of young people.

Check out the projects section for more details.

News Art for Wellbeing 02 March 2017
Do. Be.
Do. Be.

Cartwheel Arts and Link4Life are excited to announce the online presence of Do.Be.

Mapping and Best Practice project of cultural and sporting activities, which promote emotional wellbeing and resilience for children and young people in the borough.

News 02 March 2017
FILMS for Wellbeing
FILMS for Wellbeing

CHeck our latest film productions 'work in progress"...

News 24 November 2016
Awards & Grants
Awards & Grants

We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded two new grants by Trusthouse Charitable Foundation and Woodward Charitable Trust

News Art for Wellbeing 20 July 2016
Exhibitions: Summer 2016
Exhibitions: Summer 2016

We have a variety of exhibitions for this summer for you to enjoy.

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