Postal Projects

Our Postal Projects are designed by our Art for Wellbeing team of freelance practitioners for adults looking for a creative way to enhance their wellbeing at home.



How it works

All you need to do is contact us and express interest! You may be on a waiting list as all of our projects are funding dependent. 

We're currently taking expressions of interest from people who care for those living with dementia. If that's you, email or call using the information below.

Our Emotional Support Workers (ESW) and Art for Wellbeing coordinator will then have introduction call with you to introduce the project and our voices and we send out a pack with a sketchbook, information, materials and the first activity.

Over the following 8 weeks the ESW will call for a 15-minute catch up, they will help with as much as they can from signposting to motivation. Once the ESW has called they update the artist who sends out the next activity and corresponding materials with a personalised note. 


We have different creative projects to choose from!

  1. Drawing - playful drawing techniques to get you started
  2. Painting - a range of different painting styles utilising acrylics
  3. Discovery - if you have some experience in art-making this project plays with lots of ideas and mediums.


“Cartwheel Arts is my first option for mental health support.”

- Referal Partner


 "I enjoyed rediscovering an old skill"

- Painting Postal Project participant

"I can switch off to the outside world"

- Drawing Postal Project participant


If you think you might benefit from accessing these projects or you have people to refer then please contact 

You can also text or call 07483 153064

News 20 November 2020
Collaborate Exhibition
Collaborate Exhibition

We gathered together on Thursday 19th November to celebrate brand new work from 10 Greater Manchester based artists. Responding to the new ways we're connecting online the artists explored a range of environmental issues...

News 24 September 2020
Cartwheel Arts: 6 months of lockdown
Cartwheel Arts: 6 months of lockdown

On Wednesday 23rd September, Cartwheel Arts marked 6 months since the UK first went into Lockdown by publishing an impact report showing their response to the pandemic so far.

News 04 May 2020

Just a little note from all the staff team at Cartwheel Arts to say that we hope you are all well during this challenging time.

Cartwheel’s work has always centred around the power of human connection so we are fully aware of the impact that the distancing may be having.

We are working hard behind the scenes to devise a way of offering these creative connections in another format, as a temporary measure, and will keep you updated when we have something to share.

Following advice from the government, the Cartwheel team are all working from home. The office phone isn’t being manned, but we can pick up voicemails if you leave one, and we are answering emails.

This time will pass, and when it does we can’t wait to see you all and use art as a way to heal and reconnect.

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