Monday 8 April 2024

2024 GM Arts Access Bursaries

In partnership with Rochdale Borough Council, GM Arts is offering bursaries between£100 - £250for freelance creative practitioners.

These bursaries are here to support your growth by making it easier to attend workshops, training, networking, or access other professional development opportunities.

We have a total of £3,000 available in the grants pot for 2024-25, £1,500 will be available before 1st November 2024, with an additional £1,500 available between 1st November – 31st March 2025.  


To Apply

  1. Download_the_GM_Arts_Application_Form.docx
  2. Please email the application form to & write ‘GM Arts Access Bursary’ in the subject line of the email.

If you need support accessing or completing this document please either email or phone 01706 361300 and ask to speak to either Becky or Hebe.


Key Dates


The deadline to apply for this round of the Rochdale GM Arts Access Bursary is:

1st November 2024.


You’ll hear back from Cartwheel Arts on whether we’re able to support your request for a bursary within:

28 working days of receiving your application


Please consider these dates carefully when applying.




Section 1: Eligibility


We recognise that financial barriers can significantly limit access to professional development opportunities for freelance creative practitioners. The GM Arts Access Bursaries are designed to support those who find it challenging to cover the costs associated with attending networking, training or other professional development events. We aim to cover expenses that may be overlooked by other funding sources, including, but not limited to, the cost of taking time off work, travel, accommodation, and caregiving costs.


Our goal is to reduce financial pressures so that creative practitioners can focus on expanding skills and networks, irrespective of personal or economic circumstances.


Please note: GM Arts Access Bursaries are designed to assist those who genuinely need financial support. If you are comfortably able to cover these costs without assistance, we kindly ask that you leave this opportunity for those who need it most. This ensures our resources support those for whom such financial assistance can make a significant difference in accessing professional development opportunities.


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