Monday 17 June 2024

Pilotlight 360 - thank you for having us!


We’ve been delighted to be part of the Pilotlight 360programme for 10 months - our involvement began in October 2022 and finished in September 2023.  


We had our catch-up review meeting on 14 March. Our Director Hebe Reillywas Cartwheel Arts lead in the project with Henry Goulding and Sam Lewis of Pilotlight 360 supporting our journey. 


Our fantastic business mentors Victoria Lui, Victoria Robbins, Harold Joanknecht and Micheal Vavakis helped with building our organisation by supporting the ongoing development of our new 6-year strategy; explored our long-term financial sustainability by looking at longer-term funding options as opposed to short-term projects and reviewed our commercial activities featuring our innovative Wellbeing Dominoes  The mentor’s support gave us the space to step back and explore at new pricing structures and marketing options for Wellbeing Dominoes.  


The Pilotlight 360 scheme gave invaluable support to Cartwheel Arts’ director Hebe in her first year as our CEO. Alyson Malach, Chair of our Board of Trustees, also worked closely with Pilotlight 360 to look at future proofing the board’s sustainability and succession planning. 


We’re delighted that one mentor - Victoria Lui - has joined us as a Trustee. Welcome! 


Hebe says: 


“I want to say a huge thank you to Pilotlight 360 and the mentors for all their support over the

past 18 months. 


“Stepping into the role of Director at Cartwheel was a new experience for me, so it was invaluable 

to have a safe and trusted space to raise any issues. The team appreciated the time the mentors took to listen and understand our sector's specific needs. The support for all our board members, including our Chair has also been incredible, and we are so pleased that mentor Victoria Lui will remain working with Cartwheel as a new Trustee.”


Cartwheel Arts was successful in receiving the Weston Charity Awards as part of the

Pilotlight 360 programme. This core funding enabled us to participate - thank you. 


This photograph was taken at our final six-month review meeting on 14th March.



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