Monday 21 May 2018

Creative Team Building

Inspiring Change Manchester, a programme led by Shelter, have been recruiting for GROW Traineeships.


"GROW Traineeships are paid employment placements that support individuals to access employment, training and personal development opportunities."

As part of the new GROW teams' induction week we delivered a Creative Teambuilding session that involved a numbers of fun arts activities that encouraged useful discussion about team roles and communication.

The feedback from the GROW team was really positive with all delegates reporting an increase in their confidence around creativity. They said:

“It was a different way of engaging and team building”

“It was very inclusive and interactive, encouraged people to identify areas of themselves (i.e. skills)”

"I was nervous as I always worry I’m rubbish at art, but it was really fun. Art is whatever you want it to be.”

The session was led by our Art for Wellbeing artist, Lisa Risbec.

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