Tuesday 7 June 2022

Cartwheel Arts Wins Pilotlight 360 & Weston Charity Award

We are thrilled and delighted to announce that Cartwheel Arts has been awarded the Pilotlight 360 & Weston Charity Award

Selected from over 100 applicants, the Weston Charity Award enables us to continue delivering work with Rochdale's diverse communities, and will help shine a light and raise the profile of our work.

The award takes the form of a grant alongside a dedicated mentoring scheme.

In an area where few residents engage in the arts, and many neighbourhoods rank in the top 10% most deprived nationally, this award will go a long way in ensuring that everyone has equal access to their creativity and local culture. The Pilotlight 360 mentorship is a comprehensive 10-month programme, which matches the organisation with four senior business leaders who will support our development and growth. 

“This is such exciting news for Cartwheel Arts. As a new Director, I really welcome the support and guidance of the Pilotlight mentors, and am looking forward to guiding the company as we transition out of the pandemic, and continue to deliver cutting edge participatory arts practise.” 
(Hebe Reilly, Director)

“There is no better time for Cartwheel Arts to take the next step in our development and receive strategic business development support. We are looking forward to being involved in this initiative and to identify the challenges and opportunities. Being involved in this partnership will increase our reach, improve our leadership and governance, and help us to increase and diversify our funding and the number of organisations we engage with.”
(Alyson Malach, Chair)

Cartwheel has big ambitions for the future - to continue to engage under-represented communities with high-quality creative and cultural experiences, and to raise the profile of our activities. We welcome the support of experts to critically examine our income generation strategy, business model and public perception to ensure that we are sustainable, relevant and fit for the future.

About the Garfield Weston Foundation

Established over 60 years ago in 1958, the Garfield Weston Foundation is a family-founded grant-making charity which supports causes across the UK. It has donated over £1billion to charities since it was established and in the last financial year gave over £88million to charities large and small across the country. One of the most respected charitable institutions in the UK, the Weston Family Trustees are descendants of the founder and take a highly active and hands-on approach. From small community organisations to large national institutions, the Foundation supports a broad range of charities and activities that make a positive impact in the communities in which they work.

About Pilotlight

Pilotlight is an award-winning social enterprise that connects Pilotlighters (its business members) with charitable organisations to unlock solutions that help charities become more effective and sustainable. Since 2003 Pilotlight has supported nearly 1,000 charities and social enterprises tackling social disadvantage in the UK. Pilotlight’s impact report 2020 shows that two years after completing the Pilotlight Programme, on average, charities have increased their turnover by 40% and are reaching 36% more people.


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