Thursday 16 November 2023

Darnhill Festival 2023

As we settle into the chillier months, let's have a look back at sunnier times - specifically, 1st July when the 18th Darnhill Festival took place!

Darnhill Festival is co-created each year by local residents with support from Cartwheel Arts and this year they selected the theme of Darnhill-by-the-Sea.

We're incredibly pleased to announce that the festival brought together:

  • 1700 people in the heart of Darnhill for a day of fun, art and community
  • 30 freelance artists working on the festival
  • 4 local schools
  • 3 local community groups

Community events like the Darnhill Festival are vital for strengthening neighbourhood bonds, culitvating a sense of belonging in yong people, and supporting locals in their creativity. They serve as a reminder of the importance of celebrating community connections, creating a more vibrant and resilient society.


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