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Arts Council England Project Grants Match Funding

Rochdale Borough Culture Network

Arts Council England Project Grants Match Funding 

The ACE Project Grants Match Funding Programme is an initiative from Rochdale Borough Culture Network, funded by Your Trust and administered by Cartwheel Arts on behalf of the Network. A total pot of £5,000 is available and the maximum awards are:

£500 for applications under £15,000

£1,000 for applications under £30,000

£2,000 for applications over £30,000

The purpose of the programme is to offer a modest level of match funding to artists, arts organisations, and community groups based in the Borough of Rochdale who are intending to make an application to Arts Council England’s Project Grants funding programme. ACE generally requires 10% match funding, but applications stand a better chance if applicants can offer more. 

Support is available to fully professional organisations (e.g. with a regional or national brief), amateur groups, community organisations and to individual artists, providing the Project Grants application is for an activity which enhances the cultural life of the borough.

There is no application form.

You simply need to email notifying us of your intention to apply for a Project Grant:

  • within 4 weeks from the date of your email
  • the name of your project
  • and the total amount you will be applying for
  • how the project will enhance the cultural life of Rochdale Borough

We can offer match funding of 10% of the value of your bid, with the following maximums depending on the size of the Project Grant: 

£500   < £15,000

£1,000 < £30,000

£2,000 > £30,000

There's no deadline.

It is first come, first served, but we will attempt to ensure an even distribution of support around the borough. 

You must tell me when you have submitted your application and the expected decision date. You must then notify me of the decision, one way or the other.

You can only draw down the money if the bid is successful.

If the bid is unsuccessful you can still 'keep' the match funding if you are going to resubmit immediately.

Once all the money is tied up in bids, the lid will be put back on the pot, until such time as the decisions are made. If there are unsuccessful bids, the match funding will go back in the pot and we begin again.

When it's gone it's gone.


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