Wednesday 8 March 2023

Cartwheel Arts Included in the GMCA Culture Fund

We are thrilled to announce that Cartwheel Arts is a recipient of the 2023 Greater Manchester Culture Fund.

The Greater Manchester Culture Fund supports cultural organisations that are committed to providing high quality cultural experiences and opportunities, supporting the sector through challenging economic times and to widen and diversify access to arts culture for all residents.

Cartwheel Arts delivers ‘Art for a Reason’. This means we engage local communities with arts projects that support their health and wellbeing, foster positive connections within neighbourhoods, engage children and young people, and support life-long learning and skills - all with the view to generating social change. 

The funding will be primarily used to resource our Art for Wellbeing programme, providing tailored creative activities to children, young people and adults at all stages of life, from early-years creative sessions with refugee and asylum-seeking families, to enhancing creativity within schools and the local youth provision, to engaging adults who experience mental ill-health, poverty and racial inequalities. 

This funding represents not only a commitment to supporting arts in the region but also an endorsement of the artists and partners we work with and an investment in the wonderful, creative, hardworking communities we work with.

Hebe, the Director at Cartwheel Arts said: “We are delighted to have received this funding from GMCA, and excited about the creative work it will enable us to deliver with local communities, support local artists and work with our partners to develop high-quality creative activity that contributes to improved health and wellbeing in the region.”


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