Wednesday 12 April 2023

Survey on professional development, training and support needs for creative health practitioners.


We are currently surveying creative health practitioners regarding their professional development, training and support needs. If this is relevant to you we would appreciate you taking the time to complete the survey by the end of April. 

The survey is commissioned by NHS Greater Manchester Integrated Care and delivered by Cartwheel Arts & the Live Well Make Art Network

This will be used to inform the delivery of the GM Creative Health Strategy, and will support the Organisations of Hope research project which aims to identify how creative health can reduce health inequities.

 What do we mean by ‘Creative Health’? 

Creative health is how we support our health and wellbeing by exploring creativity, culture, or heritage. Creative health activities can happen in lots of different places and be led by different people in our communities.

 Why we’re asking and what we’ll do with the information you provide. 

We want to find out more about the people who are delivering creative health activities across Greater Manchester, including artists, facilitators, project managers and health practitioners. We are keen to hear from everyone who delivers this activity in a paid or voluntary role. Your responses will inform future strategic decisions around developing training opportunities and signposting for the sector.

We are collecting this information to understand how better to support creative health practice and those that deliver it. By understanding the professional development, training and support that is already available and by asking what additional support you would like, we will be able to inform the design and delivery of training and support to the sector.

 Your data will be stored by Cartwheel Arts, in line with GDPR guidelines, and anonymised data will be shared with NHS Greater Manchester Integrated Care & our Organisations of Hope partners. If there is any information you do not wish to share, please omit it, or choose ‘Prefer Not to Say’.

 Completing the survey. 

We'd like to know as much about your learning needs and experiences as you'd like to share. If you don't have time to answer all the questions, feel free to answer the ones that you can, even if it's only two or three.

 We really appreciate your time and input.





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